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Comprehensive Training Program: Empowering Caregivers for Expert In-Home Care

Our Training Process

All caregivers complete an in-person onboarding process. They will then complete either a 5-hour in-person training or an 8-hour online training in addition to two training sessions in the field with our trainers before being scheduled with a client. 

For client’s requiring additional assistance, a nurse will come out to the client’s home with the caregiver to train them on additional tasks (called nurse delegation) before the caregiver is able to perform these tasks.  Caregivers in Washington will also complete a 75-hour Home Care Aide training course to become certified as an HCA within 200 days of employment.

Accessible Resources for Invaluable Care

Washington Caregiver Resources

In the Know

All licensed caregivers must log into In the Know to be able to complete their  their 12 CE’s for Washington annually for their license renewal. These will be open a minimum of one month prior to your expiration date.


Once you have completed your 75-hour Home are Aide training, and filled out the application that is sent to the Department of Health, you will schedule your skills and knowledge test through Prometric. You will receive an email from Prometric once your application has been processed. Follow the link for further information and for their customer service contact.

HCA and CNA Renewal

Caregivers are required to become Home Care Aide (HCA) or Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) licensed within 200 days of hire. Once licensed you will need to complete 12 CE’s annually prior to license renewal. Follow the steps provided through the above link for the renewal process.


Empowering Resources for Top-Quality In-Home Support

Idaho Caregiver Resources

In the Know

All caregivers hired will be required to complete an 8-hour online training before they are able to be placed with any clients. Once this is completed, a certificate of completion will be placed on file and you will be able to be scheduled with a trainer before being scheduled with clients.  

CNA Renewal

You are required to renew your CNA license every 2 years and work a minimum of 8 hours in a paid CNA position to be able to renew. You will click the link provided to fill out the form, have AAging Better fill out their portion and then mail to the address provided on the form.

Informed and Empowered Care

Documents and Links

Scheduling System

Field staff log into the scheduling system, link above if you have not downloaded the app, to view your schedule, enter unavailability, clock in/out of all shifts and to document all task completion. For instructions on how to go through the system, click here.

Payroll and Benefits

All employees are to log into ADP, link provided above if you have not downloaded the app, to be able to enter time off requests, complete open enrollment, view and download paystubs, electronically sign documents, see company announcements, and much more. 


All employees are to adhere to the regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. No employee is to share any personal health information (PHI) of any client. Please refer to your signed Code of Conduct as well as clicking the link above.

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